The Best Investment Gold Coins

Investment gold coins, Goldco review coins pursued and purchased for investing purposes, are many and varied. They range from those struck this year as legal tender in obscure, out-of-the-way places to the pale gold amalgam (electrum) coins of the ancient Lydians.

But which are the best investment gold coins?

Are they the rarest gold coins? Are they the ones most in demand? Are these one and the same? How difficult are they to obtain?

With any investment, gold coin or otherwise, one would hope to have some level of liquidity. There should be enough of a market, that is, enough people with interest, knowledge, and the necessary funds to buy the coins when it comes time to sell them.

US gold coins struck prior to 1933 are highly collectible, and include many issues that have performed well over the years as investments. There are several important factors to which the demand for these pieces is attributed:

They are common enough to have been available to a relatively large group of people over many years.
They are scarce enough to experience disproportionate price increases when the price of gold has gone up. Prices for rare US gold coins, plotted over the last half century, describe an ascending sine wave of overall increase.
US gold coins are historic, tracing their origin to the earliest years of the United States Mint. They are artifacts of American growth and US financial history.
Of course, these coins are beautiful to own and possess. They have the divine heaviness cited by Goldfinger in the long ago movie of the same name.

But here a word of caution should intrude. Investing in traditional US gold coins is not day trading. Numismatic investment in general is best accomplished using a Buy and Hold strategy. The coin market does not proceed upward without interruption, as anyone who held coins through the 1980s will attest. In time however, even the most ill-timed of US gold coin investments has worked out well for one with patience, moving from losing proposition to a worthy capital conservation tactic and ultimately to the fruits of what, in hindsight, was a brilliant decision!